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Information Does Water with Added Hydrogen Have More Benefits?

Title :  Does Water with Added Hydrogen Have More Benefits?
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Description Does Water with Added Hydrogen Have More Benefits?

Comments Does Water with Added Hydrogen Have More Benefits?

walter otiepka
Great tip with getting to 8.5 in syringe I never knew that do calcium next
Comment from : walter otiepka

Glen Varza
I tried for like 20 min last night i couldnt get it past 8.0....
Comment from : Glen Varza

Brandon s
I'm so god damn confused. Why would you draw up 8.5ml but want the plunger at 10ml. Then read the test results from the plunger not the liquid level?? This just sounds like the most error prone way to go about things. Is this really what salifert recommends or is this just something someone told you to do?
Comment from : Brandon s

MJ Slemmer
After the color change, did you read the fluid line or plunger line @5:10
Comment from : MJ Slemmer

Robert Geller
Wondering how you came up with making sure it’s at .85 in the syringe I thought anywhere around .8 was fine. Every time I do this test regardless of it being at .8 or .85 I get a alkalinity of around 10.8 to 11.2 is that okay my tank is 2 months old and have soft corals
Comment from : Robert Geller

Reef the Sea Forever
Thanks always wondered if i was doing this right.
Comment from : Reef the Sea Forever

Amber Vassallo
I using this test and it never turns pink does that mean my alkalinity is to high?? What should I do
Comment from : Amber Vassallo

tony parker
how do you read it if you have to fill the saringe 2 times
Comment from : tony parker

Joseph Puzzo
Billy I keep trying this I can't get 8.5 no matter what I do 8.2 is max it will Draw up... I tryed over and over again and I can't get passed 8.2..and why do you like dkh so Low 7.5? Sorry new to the dkh testing
Comment from : Joseph Puzzo

Adrian Ally
Great video thanks, I got 12.1-12.5 how can I lower it?
Comment from : Adrian Ally

jordan woolley
Thanks So much I’ve been reading from the fluid line 😂
Comment from : jordan woolley

Fernando Velasco
Salifert new guide illustrates that the liquid reagent should be at 9.5 when the black plunger is set at 1.00
Comment from : Fernando Velasco

What if the starting fluid is always at 9.0?
Comment from : GenesisPranksters

Poking Clams 24/7
So the more kh solution you use the higher your alk is?
Comment from : Poking Clams 24/7

Salty John's
Thanks Billy!
Comment from : Salty John's

4 drops or 2? The instructions say 2 drops
Comment from : RaleyWeGrind

Great vid again. My alk is at 15 how can I lower it?
Comment from : ReefGod

My Ph is OK but KH is way to low.. pretty strange, but I'm not doing anything different then you.
Comment from : 00Mass00

Pam Konen
I followed your instructions exactly...my test is 6.7 KH value/ so is this good? or bad?
Comment from : Pam Konen

David Winckley
Do you calculate the fluid used or the fluid left in the syringe ?
Comment from : David Winckley

Deon 0026
Ayyyee just got mine and watching again step by step doc
Comment from : Deon 0026

Deon 0026
What is the ideal alkalinity
Comment from : Deon 0026

Fletcher Wright
I can't wait until you do another tank update
Comment from : Fletcher Wright

Melanie Simpson
Hi Billy, I've been using the salifert all test also. I just got a new kit and the amount of drops to put in from the small bottle has changed from 4 drops, (2drops for low resolution) to 2 drops (1 drop) for low resolution.Are my new directions wrong? How do I find out? Thanks. Melanie
Comment from : Melanie Simpson

Wise I am! -Yoda
Comment from : ReefSpy

Am Fit Elite Reefer
Great video brother and very straight forward 💪🏾
Comment from : Am Fit Elite Reefer

Michael Magro
Ive been using the red sea glass vial with the titration handle to do my salifert tests. Good results and it makes it alot easier to control both the swirling and adding reagents.
Comment from : Michael Magro

Channel Chupathingee
Thanks for the video this will help a lot of people who are starting out in the hobby as well as people like myself who have been in it for a while. Been using that same test kit and I just learned a few things that will help me a ton when testing my alkalinity
Comment from : Channel Chupathingee

Tina's Reef
I am so GLAD I watched this!!! I use red sea test kits, and have been wondering if I am doing the tests wrong. Its the titration!!! Now I know to make sure its at the 8.5 mark. Will do them again in a few days to see how it works
Comment from : Tina's Reef

Tried kit this was not fussed on it liked the Hanna much more.
Comment from : canvoodoo

K-reef Aquarium hobby
Good info!
Comment from : K-reef Aquarium hobby

Great video keep the video's coming so it can help me out a lot more
Comment from : BALD8BIL

Fletcher Wright
Could you do both please
Comment from : Fletcher Wright

AlexGs Aquarium
Great video Billy. I have been using this alk kit for for a long time 10+ years. I never look at the air bubble though as I find it does not really make a difference unless you get to the point where it gets close to the tip and if that's the case with the alk test then its really high. I think for the Calcium and Magnesium tests though that air bubble is critical in the 1ml syringe. I will definitely link this video when I talk about alk testing for my system.
Comment from : AlexGs Aquarium

Fishy Snowman
Very nice & informative video. 👍👍.
Comment from : Fishy Snowman

Very well explained...Great Video Billy...PB will love this....
Comment from : Ashfaque

jerry ebner
mag is my vote
Comment from : jerry ebner

American Reefing
Great video Billy! Thanks for the info.
Comment from : American Reefing

Dave's Nano Tanks
It's the ICBilly test. Thanx Bud
Comment from : Dave's Nano Tanks

Livvi K
I wonder who your camera person is!! The skills are on point :)
Comment from : Livvi K

Ah okay I get you know .... thanks for the explanation Billy you did a perfect job 🤗🤗 looking forward to your next video now 🤗🤗🤗❣️
Comment from : PsychedelicBabe

Jason Keane
Learned something new! Thanks Billy!
Comment from : Jason Keane

SC Reefer
Great Video, I have the same one...Awesome test!!!!
Comment from : SC Reefer

ms. resa 143 Hunter
Thanks Billy for this video
Comment from : ms. resa 143 Hunter

Deon 0026
I was thinking of doing the same thing man great day
Comment from : Deon 0026

EDK ReefMeister
I wish you made this video last year. :)
Comment from : EDK ReefMeister

Murphy's Aquatics
Magnesium first next i wanna see how it is cmpared to Red sea. Great info for Salifert users....Have you tried a Hanna checker ? Nice how to video Pipes.
Comment from : Murphy's Aquatics

DC Reefer
Great series “Billy’s how to”
Comment from : DC Reefer

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